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The teacher elder sister chapter 36 text ..

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The teacher elder sister chapter 36 text
Adidas water grip The distance "blue moon river", seven evil spirit smoke the straight day Wolf, but it is purple Yin ray of light electric knife, cut it to pieces, this everywhere. Party deeply know "cold day Wolf seven evil spirit smoke" of the terrible, he is, by a wisp of smoke, overcome the red poison prince of the blood's cotton clothes or LuSiSheiShou, is a mystery.
Nike gladiator sandals Day Wolf seven evil spirit smoke, light is the a wisp of smoke, is a very strong spirit device. And pretend to smoke in the "seven evil spirit", it is something the jewels. A supreme god planted by the demon of demon cane picked on the gourd. Hoist in, not only with day Wolf seven evil spirit smoke, the more with many severe stuff.
Nike gladiator sandals This is a square to hear "day Wolf in the cold little real" wang mo Lin of the material when it know. Cut kill "day Wolf small real" wang mo Lin, provided the elders of the door will also take out a rocket WanShouDan Yin and Yang, as well as the party also know that their and crane in mountain outside the feather fairy HuangShanYeLing of the day, is met this man shows to release.
Now FangQing is to cut the "kill snow day Wolf small real", break his jewels.
Buy shoes supra That came to the blue desert on river, incredibly can meet FangQing snow kill, party in is really happy with that, and now he is afraid of shangguan square, because of the snow on a clear secret will likely * * out. "Purple electrochemical snakes!!!!!!!!!!" Yin and Yang is the spirit Sure enough, the distance from the river, FangQing snow are familiar with the voice of the party out of the cold,
Supra skytop iii FangQing snow saw purple electricity Yin knife, one ray changes, incredibly into two huge electricity, this article two snake as long as ten cubits, electric snake, thick as people, on the leg scales lifelike, vomit a letter the son, party seems to two electricity in the body, and felt the snake of the breath of life. Myself!
Supra shoes The two electric snake forming a condensed, immediately vomit a letter the son, hovering in the air, a dancing together, and formed a circle of Yin and Yang, and again cutting have fragmented shows that day. The powerful current, many shows. Direct refining Among the many shows, the howling of the Wolf, to break out, this is the inside of the Wolf soul be completely destroyed.
Buy supra shoes Day Wolf seven evil spirit of the refining process, smoke and day chicken to Yang Yang, to the same cable some cable is collecting colorful JingXie Yang spirit, of cloisonne and day is with the moonlit night shows directly wolves of the blood into smoke spirit. But, this to poison the smoke, meet FangQing snow powers, but it is desperate. Destroy completely. Party looked up at the sky, the river in the cold, FangQing snow day means of cutting shows, deeply shocked again....... He knew, even Jiao v nether world graph of the flood dragon, only afraid that all the big win over not miss.
Cheap supra shoes Unless it is restored all the strength of the dragon. "Oh! FangQing snow, you should not yuan Gang environment, but its territory. The fourth heavy, Yin and Yang Yin and Yang of uniting the out its mana spiritual!!!!!!!!!! What do you practice so fast!" A sound extremely sharp from the day of his cursing shows out, and then to a statue of smoke the ball out of the get out, in the sky JiFei escape, behind dragged out a long tail.
Supra shoes Party see true, that the smoke of the ball, wrapped in a green clothes, carrying a small bottle gourd, the hoist up in smoke to the blossoming bone and his own body package spill over. His flight degrees, such as was extremely fast through the clouds, fly star transition, an instant from party head fly past the cold. "Want to run?" At this time, FangQing Snow White floats, appeared in the sky of the river, at the same time, the two purple serpent has come to the Yin and Yang of her feet, let her feet a step up, traveling, like all control between the goddess to ride.
Michael jordan shoes Her feet on two purple Yin and Yang serpent, nasty track for electricity, see the day Wolf little real wang mo Lin will disappear in her sight, saw her hands a wan, hands purple electric coil, bulky instantly forming a people of the giant bows, then high a purple lightning converge into the arrows, take in a bow. Snap! A shot to the purple electricity arrow unexpectedly directly through the air, the air friction out a series of fire, seems to heaven tail meteorite fell to the ground, only a flash, severely blaster to "reality" of wang mo Lin day Wolf small insulation ball. Law shows
Christian louboutin men "First GongJin!!!!!!!!!! TianMo you incredibly take the first TianMo Pope's work and sendoh powers for a mix of." Wang mo Lin immediately out the shrill cries, the insulation of the hit shows the ball was broken, and the body down drop, a burst into blue month in the river. At the same time, his body clothes were all began to burn up, seems to be the strong current is burned, eyebrows head all erected between the moment, face distortion.
Air jordan shoes FangQing snow this recruit to mana shentong converge into is the door of arrows, means. First, but GongJin called TianMo's first seven TianMo Pope door always a problem. Cooperate with purple electricity Yin ray, bring out the best in each other. "Demon god!" blackwater Fall into the river moment, wang mo Lin desperate crazy roar, his hand seven evil spirit gourd suddenly out a group of black water vapour, completely, his body wrapped in a river, into the news, a trace.
Radii shoes "Well?" FangQing snow catch up, stay in the river, vanity and stand, eyebrows crunch: "demon?" ShuiDun god black Then, in her among the eyebrows, with a purple electricity converge into eye in the shaft. Blink your eyes, this purple electricity shaft to see the blue moon river in deep, see far appear to have a share of green light and the blackwater combining with each other, between the instant way into the underground river, disappear.
Supra shoes "Oh? Someone secretly help?" See here, FangQing snow doesn't go after, but one eye on the following party cold, red satisfying princess, "provided on a door disciple?" Then she came down. "See the teacher elder sister party."
See FangQing snow down, red satisfying princess and party cold is bad also to drop down to the ground, jumping in, red and satisfying princess gave a cry, party cold was silent and he is thinking about how the phrase.
"Huh? Party cold? You incredibly dare to this vast desert to experience, want to know here have become the fairy the conflict, very dangerous place. I just let you do at the door of the disciple, you come to die?"
Adidas water grip FangQing snow, cold stare at the party into viscera, deep heart. "Breath tough, internal organs concise, meat outside have film, installed inside you incredibly valiant uniting the state of the extraordinarily brave? Just a time of a month, from the flesh of uniting the heavy, 6 to 8 heavy and the border of the extraordinarily brave?" See the party of the state FangQing vitality, the snow is slightly surprised once.

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